About Us.

As a Grower/Shipper we are very proud to deliver great quaility fruit.

Our excitement builds day after day watching the different crops mature each
season. We are here from sunrise to sunset watching our fruit buds swell, turn into flowers, and the two months of steady growth under our watchful eye. We strive to pick the fruit at the peak of it's maturity, when it's sweet, ripe and wonderful.

We love growing great fruit and sharing our delicious products.

We specialize in growing.he following:
Thompson seedless green grapes -October to November-
Flames seedless red grapes -July to August-
Red Seedless -September to October-
Autumn Royal purple and black seedless -October to November-
Crimson red seedless -October to November
Red Glodes seedless -October to November-

Coming soon:
Autumn King green seedless
Scarlet Royal red seedless
Luguna red seedless